Weed Puller

wwNotice for lakeshore homeowners on White Bear Lake: White Bear lake retains its high water quality rating due to a healthy plant population. That means that plants (often thought of as weeds) are a good thing for the health of the lake, fish and other aquatic critters. Some of the plants are especially vulnerable in the marshes. There is a decline in the number of cattails, vital to water quality, seed production and as bird and animal habitat. It is generally illegal to cut them or otherwise remove them from the lake.

If you need to cut nuisance plants in order to have ingress or egress from your dock, the device pictured below is an excellent tool for removing plants, especially Eurasian Water Milfoil. [There are DNR ecological restrictions on how much area can be cleared of any plants by any method. Variances must be obtained if a larger area is needed.]

To use the weed puller, attach a 50' (or longer, depending on lake depth) rope to the device and walk or canoe it to the weedy area. Drop it to the bottom of the lake and slowly pull the device towards shore. The weeds will let loose from the bottom and can be dragged on shore. Once on land, dry the weeds and take to the nearest compost site. The device works best in soft, mucky lake bottom areas. This procedure is very effective and will need to be repeated during the summer season.

To order your own weed puller, please contact: Bostrom Sheet Metal Works, Inc., 785 Curfew Street, St. Paul, MN 55114 or call Kelly Summerville, Vice President, Bostrom Sheet Metal Works, Inc., at 651 646-7475.



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