WBLCD Lake Management Plan 4/27/99

1. Preamble and Executive Summary of Lake Management Plan

2. Introduction

3. Plan Development

4. Situation Analysis: Plan Development Committee Structure and Members

5. Vision and Goals

6. Analysis

7. Management Actions

8. References

9. Appendix I: Report on Condition of White Bear Lake 7/98

10. Appendix II: Advisory Committee Meetings Schedule

11. Appendix III: Summary of White Bear Lake Conservation District Ordinances.

12. Appendix IV: 11/23/98 Memo from Technical Committee to Advisory Committee

(re Eurasian Watermilfoil in White Bear Lake)

13. Appendix V: Summary of State Regulations Controlling Aquatic Plants

14. Appendix VI: Comparison of 1998 Budgets of WBL and Lake Minnetonka Conservation Districts

15. Appendix VII: Advisory Committee Resolution






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