Q. How fast can boats go on White Bear Lake?
A. Maximum of 35 mph (it is posted) This also applies to snowmobiles, cars, trucks and ATVs in the winter months.

Q. How far should boats stay away from swimming areas or scuba diving flags?
A. Minimum of 150 feet.

Q. I have observed someone dumping, for example, leaves, dog droppings, trash, toxic substances, or other pollutant, on the shore or in the water, or I am aware of a septic system failure, what should I do?
A. Pinpoint the location with an address or visual references; get a license number or boat registration number or other identification and report it to the WBLCD immediately. 651-429-8520

Q. I got swimmer’s itch while swimming in White Bear Lake, what should I do? What can I do?
A. The itch is caused by a small parasite which normally infect snails and waterfowl. During the brief period when these parasites are present in the water, they can contact swimmers. Precautions such as showering immediately or briskly toweling off after swimming helps rub them off your skin. Contact the WBLCD to report the problem. 651-429-8520.

Q. I am disturbed by the loud noises of motorboats or jet skis or observe unsafe boating actions, what do I do?
A. Pinpoint the location with an address or visual references; get a license number or boat registration number or other identification and report it to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Water Patrol (651-266-7350) immediately and follow up with information to the WBLCD (651-429-8520).

Q. What does “No Wake Zone” mean?
A. You’ll see “No Wake Zone” buoys around boat launches, public swimming areas and other parts of the lake where a large wake from your boat could disturb other boats, people in the water, the shoreline or wildlife habitat. Slow you boat’s speed (under 5 m.p.h) to minimize wake.

Q. Who patrols White Bear Lake?
A. Enforcement of all state water safety laws as well as WBLCD ordinances governing White Bear Lake are enforced by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Water Patrol Unit, 651-266-7350.

Q. When do I need to get a permit for an activity on the lake?
A. If there will be 50 or more persons (counting both participants and observers) involved, you need a permit from the White Bear Lake Conservation District.

Q. I do not own property on White Bear Lake, can I moor my boat in White Bear Lake?
A. Only in licensed areas or in an Authorized Dock Usage Area (ADUA) of a lakeshore owner—with written permission from that lakeshore owner.

Q. When does a private dock need a license?
A. When there are more than four boats (total on dock, moored, and beached) or if there is more than one dock, a license from the WBLCD is required.

Q. What can I do to get rid of the lake weeds around my dock?
A. Aquatic plants are important in preventing erosion, preserving water clarity, and maintaining the general health of the lake and its fisheries. Removal by any means is governed by the Minnesota DNR. Permits are required in many cases. If you believe growth of aquatic plants near your shoreline creates a nuisance, contact the DNR Regional Fisheries Office for rules.

Q. How do I bring a matter before the board?
A. Contact the office by phone, mail or e-mail and explain what you would like to present. You may take it directly to the board with or without prior notice. With prior  notice, it will be put on an agenda. Without prior notice, you will be given up to 15 minutes to make your presentation at the Public Comment portion of the board meeting.

Lake treatment for milfoil will be happening this Wednesday, June 20 and possibly Thursday, June 21.
2018 White Bear EWM Delineation June 4
Treatment areas

FROM 11:30 A.M.  TO  3:30 P.M. 

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