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Permitting Agencies for White Bear Lake

On the shore?

    Questions regarding issues on the shore should be handled by your appropriate City government. Specifically, if there is an issue or project planned for the portion of your property above the Ordinary High Water Level (OHWL), your local unit of government may have rules or regulations which could affect you. Contact the city planning and/or zoning department to find out what the OHWL is for White Bear Lake and if your project or issue falls within the City’s jurisdiction.

On the water?

    For issues such as docks, water ski courses, rafts, buoys, or events happening on the water of White Bear Lake, contact the White Bear Lake Conservation District at (651) 429-8520. WBLCD has permit applications for specific structures, events or activities on the lake. Call to determine if your project or issue requires WBLCD involvement.

In the water?

    The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) handles all issues related to projects in the water of White Bear Lake. This includes, but is not limited to projects such as removing vegetation or weeds from the shoreline, creating a sand beach, or any project that affects the lake bed or area of shoreline below the (OHWL). The DNR has a webpage listing the projects that may need a permit at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/permits/water/needpermit.html  Contact your Area Hydrologist at (651) 772-7910 if you are unsure if your project or issue needs DNR attention.

    Matthew Paavola is the DNR Conservation Officer for White Bear Lake.  He can be reached by calling the DNR Information Center at  651-296-6157.

In summary, if you have a question or concern regarding a specific aspect of the lake or shore, remember:

    ON THE SHORE = call your City
    ON THE WATER = contact WBLCD at (651) 429-8520
    IN THE WATER = contact your DNR Area Hydrologist at (651) 772-7910

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